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Hire a Developer tips - How to outsource effectively!

If you are trying to lessen your work hours, finish your projects and become more productive then keep reading.

This article should instruct you with the key tips regarding how to outsource effectively. By the end of this article the goal is for you to be able to confidently find a freelance developer to outsource web development and other tasks.

Outsourcing isn't very difficult but there are some dos and don'ts. Importantly just as with anything, you need to use the right tools (platform) and for this we recommend


Outsourcing has been the answer to a lot of online entrepreneur’s problems. It allows you to tap the expertise and availability of others, giving you more time to focus on Aside from finishing your project, you are also able to assign the work to others allowing you to work on more pressing matters or simply have the time to relax and spend time with your family.

One thing to note though, outsourcing can either make your break you. You might find the right freelancers, pay them the standard amount and get the project done in no time. The other possibility can also occur where you might end up with freelancers who are incompetent, wasting your valuable time and money without getting the results you expected. This is why we emphasize if you want to outsource, you need to learn how to outsource effectively in order to get the results you’re looking for.

If you are looking to learn how to outsource to a freelance developer or simply an experienced employer who’d like to learn better techniques to outsource, you might want to check . This site has really revolutionized how outsourcing for online services works. It creates an amazing environment that is both beneficial for the employers and the freelancers. They make it a lot easier and convenient for both parties. However, the effectiveness of this service still depends on how you use it, so we want to teach you how to outsource effectively.

Here are some really useful tips you can apply when starting use to find a freelancer; this can help you find a freelance developer to outsource web development or even a freelance writer/data-entry. There are many possibilities online.

Learning How to Use is an ideal platform to outsource freelance developers and programmers. It allows you to check bidder background as it has profiles on all its bidders and you can check the comments from the people and businesses that previously got their services. It also has a rating system making it easier for you select or narrow the number of bidders based on the checking their ratings.

1. Escrow Service
Aside from this, it also has an escrow service that makes sure that you only get to pay after the job has been completed or specific milestones has been finished. Making sure you get what your money is worth.

2. Request Samples
Another way to outsource effectively is asking for sample of previous work in order to gauge the applicant's skills and capabilities. You should also find time to talk to the bidders, get a feel of their personality and find people you think you can trust. This is important as hiring a freelance developer and other programming jobs might require you provide them with log in server details specific job information.

3. Provide ENOUGH Information (Don't spill all the beans)
Many are concerned about the reliability of freelancers. What we might suggest is to provide suffice information for the job to be done or diversify the task.

By this we mean to assign each freelance programmer one aspect of your project when you want to hire a developer. It is also advisable to understand where to distribute the task so to maximize each individuals strength and capabilities.

In this manor,you reduce the chances of one freelancer having the whole recipe to your business.

How do I get Started?

1. Register for a free Account
As I mentioned, using is very easy, the first step you need to do is register online. This is quick and shouldn't take more than five minutes.

You will be required to fill in your name, email, username, and password! (then verify your details)

Just click this link to register your free account:
Freelancer Sign up

2. Posting a new Project
After the registration and email verification you can then start posting a new project.

-Consider what you Need
Before creating a new project, I would suggest you give it some consideration. Get a good idea of what you need, some details to consider might remuneration, date lines, and skills of freelancer. You might also want to consider listing in jot notes what you're looking for in your applicant. This will help you ensure you avoid missing any important details on your job posting; taking this extra time now to consider your ideal applicant will help you write a better job posting which will help make the decision easier later.

-Create an accurate project title
After you have considered your project details, it is time to churn up a project title. This is very important in ensuring you capture the attention of the right applicants. What you want is something accurate with a little attention-getter.

For example, words like "long-term" or "short-term" might appeal to different applicants. Certain words like "Quality" "Bonus" "Outsource web development" can also help gather attention of the right applicant. You can also use punctuation to make your listing stand out (although you usually wouldn't have an issue with a lack of applicants...the key is getting the high quality applicants).

The title is likely the first thing that a potential applicant reads. This is why it is important to capture their attention and interest. Putting up the right project name would help attract the right people and save you time in getting the right person for the job.

-Add Detailed description
You should also add a detailed description of the project and the specific skills you’d require.

The description should provide a general overview of what you will be requiring. Be selective with the information you are sharing online, understand your information might be read by competitors as well. At the same time you also want to ensure to provide suffice details for the job.

For example if you want to develop a special software instead of going into detail about it's purpose you might want to simply list the skills and experience you need. We also generally prefer to request for their past work experience.

Another good tip about the job description is to use point form wherever possible. For example:

Attributes we are looking for:
-Good English & Communication

Please include in your job Application:
-Quote + Brief Explaination
-Estimated time line
-Any Past Experience
-Additional comments to help us choose you"

See how much easier that is to read?

Here’s some details you might to include in you project description:

a. Special software skills required

b. Length of writing projects (word counts, etc.)

c. Language requirements (English, German, French, etc.)

d. Platform (Unix, Windows, Mac, etc.)

e. Programming language(s)

f. Rights you are purchasing (full copyright, internet rights, etc.)

g. Payment terms (up-front, milestones, etc.)

h. Payment methods (PayPal, escrow, etc.)

-Use Examples in description
It would be suggested to use some examples to convey what you're looking for. Screenshots or links would work well in this situation. Providing examples can give bidders a general idea of what they have to work on.

-Use Proper tags & Category
It is also important to select the proper tags for your project. Freelancer often notifies their list of subscribed job applicants of your project via email (this is VERY Helpful in getting applicants...don't be surprise to find 100+ applicants depending on your job posting). To maximize this service you should ensure you have selected the right category so your email goes out to the right people.

Additionally you are also provided the option to list 5 tags/skills you would require. Also take full advantage of this as freelancers will frequently search jobs on their specific traits.

What you're trying to do is zoom your job posting into the right applicants to provide you a better response.

-Take time & Review before posting
As urgent as it might seem, take a couple minutes to glance through your job posting again before you submit it. (You can edit it after submitted as well)

Some tips to consider is using point form whenever possible. It is much easier to read for a job applicant than paragraphs.

Others might suggest you add a secret word at the end of the job application to ensure job applicants have actually read the information. This might be good to do but it might also cause you to lose out on some great applicants.

There you have it, now you know the basics to posting a successful job description and getting started with! Now let's move on:

3. Ask Questions
Lastly, it can also help to clarify some common initial questions bidders would typically ask you upon seeing your project. This is very important when you are planning to hire web development and freelance programming.

Things You Consider When Hiring a Bidder
Of course when starting anything new, it can take time to learn the ropes. Part of learning how to outsource effectively is understanding the applicant filtering and hiring process.

Here are some things you might want to consider when selecting a freelance developer for you project.

1. Drafts & Shortlist
It can be hard to make a decision immediately. This is why we suggest shortlisting your applicants. Right off the bat you might get upwards of 50+ applicants for a programming job.

What we advice to do here is to immediately rule out the applicants that WON'T be considered. Then go back and from the list of possible applicants try to sort out 10 applicants for consideration. This way you have a better opportunity to consider things through instead of rushing to a decision.

You might be asking, How do I select/filter applicants? Great Question! Here are some tips:

2. Consider your budget & their rates
Generally the first thing to consider would be budgeting. Get a rough idea of your budget for the project and compare it with the quotes provided.

Thankfully, freelancer also has a feature for you to set the bid range for the bidder. The options are from 0-250 and 250-750 etc. Thus, it might still be helpful to filter out some applicants base on their quote.

However be careful when doing this, sometimes it is better to spend the extra $$$ and get things done well than scrimp the couple dollars only to get a whole lot of headache.

When going by hourly rates also consider that although some applicants might quote higher they might be able to work even more efficiently. This is when you should message them with a standardize task and ask them to quote you the # of hours it might take them to develop this

3. Feedback & Ratings
To help you make your decision more effectively, you should also consider feedback and rating feature that freelancer has. Use this to your advantage when filtering your candidates.

Although it's a good way to sort out the trash; don't completely discredit those that have no rating. Some are new to the trade but very experience and capable. This is why you should still review all applicants. Also generally those who are new to with no previous work history are more willing to receive a lower rate to build reviews. This way you can save on expenses and still get fantastic results you want with your outsource web development. Yet, you should be aware that if you want to hire a freelance developer with no previous experience understand there will be additional risk.

If you have an important protect that needs urgent attention then it might be in your best interest to hire a freelance developer with past history and experience on

It is still important to do the necessary checks on any applicant. A good guage is reading their feedback history to see if timelines are an issue. Then also be sure to communicate with the potential freelance developer. There are some that might have good ratings but the flaws are obvious when in discussion.

Ratings can also be a very good safety net. By hiring freelancers with a good history on you can ensure they are more likely to protect their reputation and account.

4. Ask relevant Questions!
As outlined above, it is VERY essential to converse with the freelance developer you might hire before actually hiring them. You want to make sure they are who they say they are. Some might have pre-written applications that have been reviewed and sifted. You can also get a rough feel of their interest and personality from conversing with a potential freelance developer. (be careful not to be too critical)

Once you've figured out how to find the right team member it's time to learn how to keep it running.

How to maintain a Successful employer-employee relationship
After you have chosen and hired your freelance developer, the adventure has just begun.

-Firm but gentle hand
We would suggest for you to foster a good relationship with your new team member. You want to remember to have a firm but gentle hand. Avoid being too harsh but be assertive and also value their opinion (especially regarding freelance programming as they likely have more programming experience than you)

No one likes a pushover. People like to feel respected!

-Be communicable & reliable!
It is also important to provide them the tools necessary to succeed with helping your business grow. This means maintaining good communication with your new freelance developer. Make sure they are confident they can contact you easily and you are always willing to listen. It's not only about them maintaining communication with you but you maintaining communication with them. Also ensure to provide task for them to work on a timely basis; people reliability.

-Clear up misunderstandings at the root.
It is vital that you avoid misunderstanding with good communication and patience when possible but sometimes they do arise. The best thing you can do is get it resolved ASAP so you can get the results you want. After all, no sane individual really likes conflict. When conflict arise, don't jump to conclusions and get suspicious that everyone is out to get you.

Approach things looking to resolve the issue instead of starting a conflict. Be sure to hear their point of view but also assert yourself when necessary.

-Respect & Encouragement.
Always treat the freelancer as a person; you should provide respect and encourage them to voice their ideas.

It can be easy to lose that personal touch when you're hiring on the cold web. By treating them as a valued team member instead of just some computer somewhere, you can foster relationships. It helps you because they are more motivated to give you their best, and it helps them because they enjoy working with you more. By building a good working relationship with the person you hire, there are higher chances that you can get the results you want and keep the team member loyal.

It's that Simple!
In conclusion, using is a great, new way to grow your business. Outsourcing is something that's growing as people realize the potential. You can make life easier for yourself such as being able to outsource web development and various other task. You tap into the large talent pool to help save you time and possibly lower costs. Aside from convenience, you can also use an integrated escrow system which make payments safer and more accessible.

We suggest you consider these tips when trying to find your first freelance developer. Please also write to us in the comment with any questions or feedback! You can also check out other resources online to get more tips in outsourcing people.

To get started click the link bellow and register for a free account:
Hire a Developer - Hire a Freelancer


Also as a final note, don't be concerned about not having enough bidders or applicants. The problem isn't not having enough qualified applicants...but getting too many that the decision becomes hard. Apply the tips above to extract the diamonds and choose which one you want to join your team!

Once they are on your team make sure to maintain a good employer-employee relationship and motivate them to give you your best. Filtering and finding the right candidate is only one part; it's your role as the employer to give them an incentive and make it easier for them to help you!

Issues might arise, when that happens don't immediately jump the gun but try to make effort to resolve it on good terms. Take a cool head and drop any prejudice and pride if possible. Many times, a lot of these employees want to give their best as well...don't let a small misunderstanding escalate to a big headache and losing a good talent.

Disclaimer: We have actually used freelancer to hire a developer, outsource writing and find other freelancers numerous times. Besides wanting to recommend a GREAT site ( that can help your business, we also have an incentive in writing this article.
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